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2 Jul 2017

What Kind of Streaming Porn Videos Are Women Hooked To More?


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Posted By Tommie A.

When it comes to women, you really cannot tell what will take to her fancy. Yes, women like to be a little experimental; often treading areas they have never treated before but are not shy anymore to give a visit to. The modern women is that explorer when it comes to the world of pornography. Earlier, and in certain extent even now also, porn is a word that is kept under blankets and is strictly an adult stuff restricted to the four walls of the bedroom. But what porn videos on demand has exceeded is the purview of the male territory. It is no longer a man's stuff. A significant number of women all around the world are porn lovers and studies have shown that when it comes to the percentage of female viewers that watch streaming porn videos, all are in for a big surprise.

So, it is clear that porn movies on demand are a hit among the fairer sex too. But there are some differences between how a woman watches porn and how a man visualizes it. There are some noteworthy things about how women watch porn online. Following are the important factors to note:

Women are more inclined towards watching Lesbian and Gay porn more rather than opting for the common one man one women sex. Research has shown that women tend to search and watch streaming porn videos featuring hot lesbian sex or two man making out passionately and roughly.

Compared to their male counterpart, the category of porn videos on demand searched by women feature porn classified as 'For Women'.

While for some it is fun, watching porn movies on demand is a way to calm themselves in the opinion of many women. Apart from raw sex, what many women look for in porn videos on demand is sensuality.

Though lesbian sex is a growing favorite, there are women who still prefer solo men acts. That is why among streaming porn videos ones featuring hot and handsome male porn stars are a great hit.

When it comes to sex, women like it hard and rough. They don't mind it when their partners bring it full on them. Watching porn movies on demand is often a part of the preparation stage before making out. Porn movies are the best way to learn as well as get a bit adventurous and try out things and poses that once have never tried before.

The most common search terms that women prefer when it comes to streaming porn videos includes 'threesome', 'lesbian' and 'squirt'. Women find group sex highly interesting while 'gangbang' too is not far beyond.

It might be hard to believe but women nowadays are not afraid to tread a path that is not been visited before. Streaming porn videos with a women audience is a proof of the fact.


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